Go to specterr.com to access the app.

Vizfly launched its online video editor on January 4th 2020. Since then thousands of users have created thousands of music videos using our tool. Thank you to everyone who's visited and supported the app!

As of July 15 2020 Vizfly has changed its name to Specterr (yes with 2 r's). It was a long process to pick a new name but we are very happy with the result.

Why did we change the name?

When it comes to renaming a company, the earlier the better. Our goal was never just to be an audio visualization company as Vizfly implies. Our goal is to help artists and creators get their creations seen and heard.

Right now our tool helps artists create videos for their music, but in the future we plan to offer additional products and participate more in the community. To that end we needed a less generic and less specific name.

Why Specterr?

We spent a lot of time considering the name. Nothing really clicked until Specterr came along. It's a reference to the spectrums that are so important to the product. The audio spectrum visualized by the color spectrum. Beyond that it's a great simple name that can encompass any set of products.

Also we get to have a have a cool ghost (or specter) as our logo. We'll have to name it one day.

What does the name change mean?

It means we've got a slick new logo and our website is now specterr.com instead of vizfly.com. Other than that there's no other big changes to worry about as part of the renaming.

- Oliver