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Specterr makes it fast and easy to create custom music visualizers. Start growing your audience with video.

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Stunning Music Visualizers & Lyric Videos

Get started with one of our visualizer presets. Audio visualizers can be heavily customized to fit your brand.

Fast Cloud Rendering

Our hardware accelerated machines perform all video rendering in the cloud. This means that when you hit 'export', our computer does the hard work instead of yours. We designed our proprietary animation engine for speed and consistency. It cuts export times from hours to minutes, and confirms that every export is flawless.

Unlimited Storage

Export as many videos as you want. We'll store each one so you can download them any time. Video files can be large, but unlimited storage means less to worry about when backing up and transferring. You can access your videos from anywhere, whenever you need them, with no limits on downloads.


A lot of artists don't take full advantage of social media to promote their releases. Video platforms like YouTube and TikTok are the biggest neglected opportunities. YouTube is the 2nd largest social platform in the world with almost 2 billion monthly users, but many artists don't post on it because they don't have a video for their track. Posting a great video on these platforms opens up a whole new audience for your music. If you don't post you are missing out on new fans and listeners.


Research has demonstrated that video is the most engaging content on social media. Users are more likely to stop scrolling and view a post when a video catches their eye. Additionally, videos are liked and shared more frequently than links or pictures. So stop posting SoundCloud links, and start posting videos so people can hear your music instantly.


Nowadays it's standard for professional artists to release videos for their tracks. Not only does it increase brand recognition, but it functions as a status symbol that separates pros from hobbyists. You can signal how serious your brand is by how you choose to promote your music. Listeners pick up on these signals and naturally gravitate toward the artists that seem more established. With Specterr you can customize videos to fit your brand and make it stand out.

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